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App FAQ’s

What information do I need to book a job?

To book a taxi you must setup a profile. This ensures we have your details if the driver needs to request a callback/textback or if he needs your name.

From the Map screen you can book a job with just a simple press of a button for an ASAP pickup.

Alternatively you will need to fill in the time of your pickup, where you would like to be picked up from and where you want to go to in a detailed booking screen.

If you add a note this will go to the driver once he has received the job.

I can’t select my home address

If you hover over the map and your home address isn’t coming up with the right name/number then you can press on the address shown in the ‘From’ panel at the bottom of the screen, and enter your building name/number and press OK and complete your booking.

How do I set my home address to be the default pickup?

You can set any address to be a default pickup or destination. If you go into the Settings page and select ‘Manage Favourites’ you can then scroll through your recently used addresses. Once you find your preferred pickup address simply press on the address and select “Set default ‘from’ address”

How do I pay for the service?

In most cases drivers take cash as a payment. Some drivers may have credit card machines in their vehicles but do not rely on this. If you have booked through an account then payment will not likely be required to the driver but will be invoiced to you by the Company you have booked through.

How do I know my booking was accepted?

Once you have pressed “Book” from the booking screen you will be presented with a job number. This job number is confirmation from us that the booking has been entered into our computer system. Alternatively, if you select “Bookings” from the bottom of the screen you can open your booking details and view the booking “Status”. This should say “Booked” or “Despatched” if the vehicle is on its way to you.

How do I know where my car is?

You have the option to be able to “Track” your vehicle on its way to you. This can be done once you have a live booking which has been despatched to a vehicle. From the Bookings screen you can press on your job, and this will give you the option to press “Track”. This will open the map screen and show you where the vehicle is and where you are.

How do I make a return booking?

If you have reached your destination and would like to book your return journey you can do this by one touch. Go into the Bookings screen and press on the journey and an option will appear to ‘Return Journey’. This will reverse your pickup and drop-off and you can change the time of when you would like to be picked up.

How do I cancel a job which I don’t want?

If you go into the ‘Bookings’ screen and press on the job you booked, this will offer you the option to ‘Cancel’ the job you have booked with us. Simple

How many people can ride in your cars?

Normally 4 passengers can get into a Saloon Car. This number is dependent on the type of vehicle you select.

What should I do if I forget something in a car?

The best thing to do in this situation is to call the us immediately. You can get their number from the App. Press the “Info” button and select “Contact us”. This will allow you to call them directly from the App using your mobile phone or open up an email to send to the Taxi Company.

Can I carry pets in one of your cars?

Some drivers do allow small pets, but most drivers tell the office if they want pets in their cars, so you are best off calling the office and asking them for a pet friendly Driver and vehicle.

Should I leave a tip for the driver?

Tipping a driver is completely up to you. Drivers will always do their best to give you the best possible service, so if you think they deserve a tip then that is your decision.

What happens if my cab doesn’t arrive on time?

Always remember that at peak times such as rush hour and Friday and Saturday nights Taxi we are always busier than normal. This can sometimes result in job pickup times slipping. You can track your driver through the “Track” option from the App once the job has been despatched to a vehicle. If you want further information, then call the office through the “info” page “Contact us” option.

Why can’t I make a booking?

There are only a few reasons why you might not be able to make a booking with us;

  • We have maxed out how many bookings we can take and therefore we have no cars available for an ASAP booking. You may still be able to book a ‘pre booked’ job for later.
  • Unfortunately, you are out of our pick up area.
  • If your phone does not have internet then the app will not be able to communicate with us.
  • If you would still like to book with us, please call us using our ‘Contact us’ from the info page on the App.

Why is the ‘Book’ button greyed out?

The ‘Book’ button will be greyed out if you are doing a map search out side of our booking area, as soon as you move your pick up inside our booking area you will see the ‘Book’ button become available. If you wish to make a booking from outside our area please contact the office and we will arrange this for you.

How do I post to Facebook?

The App allows you to post to our Facebook page. Please use this feature to tell us how your journey was. We want to hear about the good and the bad so we can improve our service to you our customer’s.

How do I Tweet?

The App allows you to tweet to your Twitter account so you can tell the world about how good your journey was, please use this to spread the word about how awesome we are!

How do I make an Account Booking?

If you have an account with us you will need to enter your Account details from within the ‘Settings’ Page. If you would like to open an Account with us please use the ‘Contact Us’ button from the Info page and ask to speak to our Accounts department.

What does ‘Simple Booking Screen’ mean?

This switches off/on the Map screen when you first open the Map. We want you to decide if you want this feature turned on or off, so have given you the option. Please feel free to change it whenever you want. We don’t mind.